About Marvel Creek Aussies

All of our dogs are first and foremost, a part of our family. We are dedicated to producing puppies with a solid temperament, superior intellect, and proper conformation. Our dogs participate in AKC/ASCA Conformation, Herding, and Performance events. We are mentored by experienced and respectable show breeders, Northbay & Xsell's Aussies. We aim to be the breeders that, without question, can never be viewed with prejudice by the way we raise all of our puppies, young and old, from birth through retirement and beyond. We carefully interview and choose families that we feel will be the best fit for one of our babies. Our Mom’s and Dad’s are more than just dogs to us. Our puppies are raised in a way that carefully aligns with their sensitive developments and ensures they thrive to be the very best they can be.

Additionally, we perform the Badass Breeder puppy aptitude test as well as a variety of other puppy evaluation exercises at 7.5 weeks old to help ensure you are getting a puppy that fits your lifestyle, and your needs, while also ensuring each of our puppy's needs is honored. With each litter that we produce, we elevate ourselves and our program, continually looking for new ways to ensure we are doing the absolute best for our dogs, their puppies, and our entire Marvel Creek Family. We are proud members in good standing with the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA), the United States Australian Shepherd Association (USASA), the Australian Shepherd Club of Washington (ASCWA), and the Nisqually Kennel Club (NKC).

"We are continuously exceeding standards and raising the bar because our dogs deserve nothing less."